Our Story

Our history


After many years in senior positions for recognised international tool brands, founder and Executive Chairman, Yin Chen, opened Globe Technologies in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Spotting early that the market for powered garden tools was not as developed in Asia as the manufacturing base for other power tools, Chen, 48, developed a line of electrically operated garden power products. Business with first customer Canadian Tire quickly followed; a relationship which is still a strong part of the groups’ current success.


In support of that sales partnership a Canada / US sales office was quickly opened, and in the next few years new business on electric mowers with other retailers quickly followed.

2006 / 2007

A new partnership with The Homelite brand for The Home Depot followed in 2006, and further developed into handheld tools in 2007. At the same time a development in the European electric bike market started which confirmed to Chen the long-term future was within the Lithium-Ion technology segment.


2008 was a pivotal year in the development of Globe, with expansion into the Electric Pressure Washer business, a key part of the current turnover. Globe expanded to become the largest supplier of electric pressure washers to the North American market during this time.

2009 / 2010

2009 and 2010 saw the group become the first China based provider of Lithium Ion powered garden tools. Finally, the run time of battery cells was in step with the application demanded by gardening tools. Chen rapidly capitalised on this by launching the Greenworks brand of garden tools and power tools. Greenworks encapsulates all the benefits that come from no longer needing to use petrol powered products. Significant health and environmental benefits from no emissions in use, as well as cost savings from no longer buying gas for consumers.  Globe were a driver of the switch to Lithium -Ion in the garden and remain a leader in this rapidly changing field, becoming the first manufacturer to offer a full line of 40v garden tools.


Business grew and developed in the years that followed and in 2016 Globe welcomed outside investment for the fist time from the German based industry giant Stihl. The partnership with Stihl further developed the group ability in manufacturing and R&D. Resulting in the highly automated factories within the Globe Technologies Group.


The significant development in the group R&D capability led to a line of Robotic lawnmowers, entirely designed and built within the group, as well as a move into ride on garden equipment in the form of one of the first Lithium powered ZTR mowers for commercial grounds care.

The future of the group is clear, high levels of innovation and development in rechargeable products with Lithium Ion at the technology core.

Our future

Driving innovation in consumer and commercial products is the focus of the group. We are expanding in many directions in both new product categories, new distribution streams and new geographic locations.
Our origins as a leading OEM producer are behind us and our future lies within our own brands. We are focused entirely on the long-term development of our in-house brands and product portfolio. Each of our six business units are developing market beating products, such as.

Consumer Tools & Equipment

Globe is a new product powerhouse, and across our core voltage categories of 24v, 48v and 60v we continually update, refresh an innovate our product line, making sure we are focused on user needs and requirements. This relentless cycle ensures we maintain up to the minute technology and best in class cost.

Professional Tools & Equipment

New from our Professional Tool BU is the 82XX the first Lithium Ion powered 300mm disc cutter. Used extensively by landscape contracts and builder for cutting slabs and paving this machine brings power and cut capacity only previously seen with Petrol tools, al the while reducing running costs and environmental downsides.

Power Tools

Launching during 2021 are ZZ new power tools all utilising our compact powerful 24v battery system. Our 24v system is a similar size to leading competitors 18v system but delivers 33% more power for comparable retail process.

Ride on and Vehicle Products

New Residential grade ride on mowers and ZTRs are launching, bringing the benefits of Lithium ride on mowers normally only accessible by contractors to consumers lawns and garden for the first time.



Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Adding to our portfolio of intelligent robotic systems is the new RLM2 family of low-cost app enabled robotic lawn mowers. The RLM2 brings the time saving and cut quality of robotics to a newer audience and is positioned at prices normally unseen in the category.

Cleaning & Domestic Appliances

Our latest expansion is the move into domestic products, cleaning, and small appliances. The forthcoming 24v stick vac is a product needed in almost every household worldwide. Three significant performance enhancements delivered by the Greenworks product is the power increase to 24v, for longer, stronger cleaning, Rapid charging due to the power tool style battery, and the ability to use the same battery and charger across hundreds of other products for home & garden use.




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